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MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD on important issues that affect Australian and Kiwi men (and their families).

GET INVOLVED in online actions like petitions, social media swarms and mass emails to political parties and decisions makers. DONATE to crowd-funded creative campaigns like TV ads or billboards. JOIN IN with offline actions like creative stunts, vigils, and marches. Find out more on Facebook here.

AAMF is here to keep you informed of issues affecting men and their families that need to be acted upon quickly and coherently. Take positive action now! Make sure you keep an eye on our FACEBOOK ACTION STATION and stand ready to make a difference for men and their families in New Zealand and Australia when called upon.

Latest New Zealand Actions

  1. SIGN - To: The governing body of Women’s Refuge; Jane Drumm, Shine General Manager; Hon Amy Adams Minister of Justice.
    With studies such as The Dunedin Study and many others pointing to men being between 30 and 50% of domestic violence victims, it is immoral that there is little or no help available to men who are suffering abuse. It is as unfair to expect men to suffer in silence, trapped in violent relationships as it is for women.
  2. SEND - Human Rights Commission, Aotearoa New Zealand
    The Commission's vision is that people in Aotearoa New Zealand live together harmoniously, sharing a common respect for each other's inherent dignity and human rights. In light of it's own values, the failing of the Commission to treat male and female citizens equally and without discrimination is a failing beyond comprehension.
  3. DONATE - to the screening of The Red Pill movie in Wellington (December 2016)
    Director Cassie Jaye's documentary film The Red Pill isn't being screened in NZ. This campaign is to fund a Wellington screening!
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