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Paul Clarke, Sport and Community Services Manager (Western Sydney University)

The agreement Mr Clarke made with the WSU Skeptics society to host The Red Pill may now be under 'reconsideration'. We ask the WSU to please proceed with letting the WSU Sckeptics Society screen The Red Pill movie.

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Dear Sir,

I understand your campus had agreed to screen The Red Pill documentary, a decision that was heartily welcomed. I also understand the agreement with the WSU Skeptics society to host The Red Pill may now be under 'reconsideration'.

Mr Clarke, there can be little right with this world when a University campus chooses to censor free speech in the name of a smear campaign orchestrated by opponents to the topic to be discussed. The Red Pill Movie has received rave reviews from both its critics and supporters alike. There is nothing hateful or misogynistic in this film, it simply chronicles the journey of a feminist film maker who embarked on a very difficult and thought provoking journey to explore the issues facing men and boys, by giving a balanced account of the motives of the men's movement. While some may find that confronting, I am gravely concerned that they are so ill prepared for life that they choose to prevent others from viewing a perfectly respectful film on the basis they disagree with it's content.

In Australia, 3 out of every 4 suicides are men. Men make up 95 percent of workplace deaths, they are 80 percent of our homeless and approximately 8,000 men every year are systematically removed from their children's lives after relationship breakdown. Young men are also far less likely to succeed in our education system - every year Australia celebrates women and girls achievements over and above boys in schools.

The screening of The Red Pill in Melbourne was originally cancelled due to petitions and opposition from a minority of women's interest groups, despite them being far outweighed by others supporting it's screening. The film eventually went ahead on a different venue with absolutely no negative consequences - only rave reviews for all those who attended. It was tearful and emotive journey for the men and women who attended.

Men (and the women who support them) want to see this film in Sydney. We hereby urge you to 'reconsider' in a favourable light to show this very important film. Censorship has no place in Australian universities, in fact they used to be a place for thought provoking discussion and to challenge ideologies and long held beliefs.

I implore you to educate yourself on the filmmaker, Cassie Jaye's history at or watch for yourself an interview she participated in about the film at You can also view some Australian reviews of people who have actually seen the movie here in The Australian, at, and at

It is not possible to retract your agreement from screening this film in good conscience. Please proceed with screening The Red Pill as per your agreement with WSU Skeptics Society.

Respectfully yours,

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